We cut through the last 4 months of Product Hunt to find 113 marketing tools everyone should try — Part 6: Slack Extensions

Over the last week we have marched through thousands of product releases and websites to find the best marketing tools for 2016. In this roundup we stuck to the recent and sometimes overlooked tools. We are all tired of seeing lists full of tools we already use.

It got out of hand quickly. Ballooning from a planned 50 tools to as you can see 113 tools! But fear not we organized them into 8 categories that are listed below. Be sure to check them all out and let us know if we have missed any!

Analytics — Email Marketing — Productivity Boosters — Website Tools — Content Creation — Slack Extensions — Social Media Marketing — Team Tools



Build a smarter conversational Slack bot. You don’t have to be a mad coding scientist to build a smart conversational bot. Our single-button integration with Slack means no coding. In the time it takes to heat up an everything bagel, you could have a Slack bot with advanced context, dialog management support and fulfillment.

What Excites Us: Having a personal bot that is built for your team is the epitome of a Slack power user.



Need to catch up on the latest news? Bored at work? Looking for the freshest videos? DiggBot has your back, friend. Use DiggBot to search for the latest news about any topic, get trending news alerts, and stay caught up with the twice-daily Digg Edition, delivered right to your Slack channel.

What Excites Us: This gives us all a little #TBT nostalgia. But Digg still will bring the news you need directly to your Slack channel.

Standup Jack

Jack is a Slack bot for all of your standup meeting needs. It will automatically ask employees what they hope to accomplish and share it with everyone at the end of the week. Perfect for remote and dispersed teams.

What Excites Us: We have live standup meetings each Monday with the main office team. But as we continue to grow remotely this will help keep everyone on the same page.

Calls on Slack


Start a team call without ever leaving your Slack group and include the entire team. Simple as that!

What Excites Us: Never having to use a phone as a phone again? Sign us up.



Intro is a private professional network for teams on Slack. Learn more about your team members, connect to potential customers, find great candidates, and discover new opportunities.

What Excites Us: This is like LinkedIn connections but better. It helps bring to light the hundreds or thousands of connections each team member may have.

El Robot

Get the best startup, marketing and growth resources delivered directly to you and your team with the El Robot Slackbot! Send El Robot a message with your need and it will find the best articles on that topic.

What Excites Us: Have a marketing question? Ask El Robot, and it will do its best to find a few articles to help you out!



Statsbot monitors your application’s metrics by integrating with tools like Google Analytics, New Relic and Mixpanel. It performs checks, notifies team members if something goes wrong and it always knows how many customers you’ve acquired today and can compare it to other days.

What Excites Us: Google analytics without having to leave the Slack channel is not only productive but keeps the whole team on the same page.


With /todo each channel or private conversation has it own to-do list, visible only for its members. Any participant can add and remove items from the list. Every action is public so you don’t miss any changes

What Excites Us: We use /todo in our Slack group and it is the simplest way to not forget something.


Get a human professional editor who will swiftly refine and polish your text without having to leave your messenger window with Nurtz. Anyone on your team can message Nurtz bot to proofread an email, abstract or any other text piece. As soon as your text is ready, Nurtz will message back an edited copy. In most cases that proofreading only takes 5–15 minutes.

What Excites Us: When you have looked at the same document 10 times throughout the drafting process errors do not jump out. Nurtz is your personal proofreader that makes sure mistakes do not slip through the cracks.

Content Tracker


Tracker is the tool Priceonomics uses to measure their content. For a given article, we track inbound links, traffic, conversions, social sharing. Tracker also integrates directly with Slack so you can find out when awesome things happen right away.

What Excites Us: This is another tool we use regularly and could not recommend it more! The Content Tracker platform is very robust and the Slack integration has up to the minute updates about content!

Slack + Skype


Just type /skype on any channel in Slack to start a call with your team, or one-to-one. Both video and voice calls are free with Skype. Anyone on your team can join the call whether they have a Skype account or not. Sign in as a guest, with a Microsoft account, or Skype Name. Get Slack notifications on any device when a Skype call starts. Join straight from the web, or get the mobile app to join a call from your smartphone.

What Excites Us: If you are a Slack and Skype user this is an integration that will reduce team friction immediately.



Leo is the most powerful way to measure and improve employee satisfaction, without ever leaving Slack. It sends employees a private message asking for their feedback once a week. Bridging employees and managers, the Slack bot ensures that everything remains confidential and anonymous. Leo also reacts, check-ins and reminds you of important activity!

What Excites Us: A happy team is should be a top priority and Leo makes sure they can speak their mind about anything, anonymously.



Want a brief overview of someone you’re meeting or the new person who signed up? All you have to do is to enter their email address and let our Slack private investigator bot do all the work! He will put a name, a title and a company to any email address.

What Excites Us: When you are meeting or chatting with a lot of new people the details can start to blur. Birdly keeps you informed and ready to close the deal.

Slash Photo


slash.photo is a simple integration that searches for stock photography in Slack using the Unsplash API.

What Excites Us: Stop searching through the many stock photo sites and have them come to you.

Add a business phone number to your Slack group and take phone calls directly in the chat window.

What Excites Us: This is another tool that will ensure you will never have to use a phone as a phone again. It also is great for remote teams to keep track of calls.