18 Outstanding New Tools For Entrepreneurs & Startup Founders

A while ago we started a new ListHunt series that finds the best new tools for startups and founders from the past week. The main driving force behind this new series was that we were finding a bunch of great tools, but they did not fit into the demographic that we were catering to with the daily ListHunts.

With our audience made up of a lot of founders and people in the startup community it was an easy decision to start this new series. We know that building a startup takes up a ton of time and you do not have time to look through all the new tools. That is where we come in, making your life just a little less hectic!


CultureSphere is the world’s first social sharing platform for the production, consumption, and viral circulation of employee-inspired media.For the first time in the professional world, CultureSphere’s engaging user experience makes it possible for every person inside an organization to produce a “moment,” while introducing a product that unites all three generations in the workplace — Millennials, Generation X, and Baby-Boomers — around a photo and video sharing experience they all find fun, engaging, and valuable.

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TaskUs provides outsourced omni-channel customer care and back-office support to some of the world’s most innovative and disruptive companies. Our clients turn to us because they want more of a global outsourcing provider: they want a relationship-focused, quality-centric outsourcing partner dedicated to maximizing the value of your customer relationships across multiple channels and touch points.

Our comprehensive solutions span the entire customer lifecycle from customer acquisition all the way to back office operations that help you maintain a strong and memorable customer experience.

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Fundraising Fieldguide

The Fundraising Field Guide was written to help early-stage tech startup founders decipher and navigate the fundraising process. It provides an overview of the soft and not-so-soft challenges you will need to prepare for as part of your fundraising journey, including things like reaching out to investors, dealing with rejections constructively, preparing materials and financials, understanding valuations and deal terms, and how to manage the legal process.

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Bizzy democratizes access to effective data-driven email marketing by enabling small businesses to easily and automatically run algorithmic marketing campaigns. Bizzy does this by analyzing your e-commerce shop’s product and customer data, and then predictively generating perfectly timed and targeted marketing suggestions that seamlessly move your customers through the purchase lifecycle.

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OnboardIQ enables companies to quickly screen and hire independent workforces, all the background checks, document signing, scheduling, city management in one simple dashboard.

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Codesign is super easy online tool that keeps your feedback process clean, fast and organised! Click on an area of interest and annotate it with a message. Discuss it with your colleagues or clients in the same way you discuss posts on Facebook. Come up with solution and mark the thread as completed. Move to the next thing.

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Swiftype is a search solution that lets site owners deliver powerful, customizable search for their website or mobile app with just a few lines of code. Built on top of a highly refined search algorithm to deliver superior relevance upon installation, Swiftype also gives site owners the tools to precisely control search through a user-friendly dashboard.

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App Hub

Use git-push to update your iOS apps without re-submitting to Apple! Stop waiting weeks to iterate on your app, just add our iOS framework and start pushing updates.

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Use your story as your powerful & personal introduction to jobs, business opportunities and more. Share your story with the world. Create a beautiful sumry profile for the world to get to know you!

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Say goodbye to the headache that is scheduling! Kono is the world’s best virtual assistant that schedules your meetings for you. Whether it’s a conference call, lunch, or just hanging out, Kono’s got you covered. Do you find yourself spending a lot of time setting up meetings? Do you send messages back and forth, figuring out a specific time and location that works for every one of your guests? Kono figures all out for you!

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The Storygami interactive video tool allows anyone to add related content such as blog posts, image galleries as well as social media streams and email capture forms into online videos. We’ve previously worked with notable brands such as Virgin Media, British Telecom, Al Jazeera, Thomson Reuters and Virgin Atlantic. The tool is now available on a freemium subscription for anyone to use.

Also the layer editor is an easy to use drag and drop web application that is currently integrated with Youtube and Vimeo videos with more integrations on the way. Users can easily add layers into embedded videos and are able to publish them instantly.

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Buffer for Video

Simply upload your video one time, and you can share and schedule to multiple networks. Buffer for Video works smoothly with Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn,Pinterest and Google+. Your video will appear natively at all social networks, meaning it will fit with the style and format of the network as if you had manually uploaded it there yourself. Upload video of up to 1 gigabyte in the file formats of mp4, mov, or avi, and we’ll get you taken care of!

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Immediately is a mobile platform for modern sales professionals. We integrate with Google Mail and Salesforce to help you breeze through the tedious administrative parts, so you can be doing more of the sales work you love. Logging calls and emails, updating your pipeline, scheduling meetings, it all becomes incredibly easy to do with just a few taps on your phone.

That means hours of productivity gains per week, more genuine conversations that turn into closed deals, and a renewed focus on the moments that matter.

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Wildcard SDK

The Wildcard SDK replaces the slow, fragile blue links inside your app with beautiful, performant cards — the new paradigm for accessing content. Free, fast and powerful.

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Sigstr strategically enhances employee email to drive brand awareness, and generate real marketing results every time an email is sent. You can create uniform email signatures for your entire organization or promote relevant news, events, and marketing content in every email sent.

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Content Marketing Stack

Just like the stacks we have had in the past, Content Marketing Stack uses a similar platform to show curated directory of content marketing resources and tutorials!

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Breakout Room

Whether you’re a business or individual with something to share, Breakout Room is a place to host your webinars, online trainings and any other presentation. It’s simple, fun and just works.

If you’re an individual wanting to learn about the latest innovative products or new industry trends, you can use Breakout Room to discover great presentations, join live discussions or even watch recordings from your favorite speakers and companies.

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Status Board 2

Status Board lets you easily create a beautiful status display for your company or yourself by just dragging and dropping powerful, customizable panels.

Use our easy, built-in panels to see data about your life: calendar, tweets, email, weather, news, and more. Or, via in-app purchase access an even richer set of panels that display photos, tables, graph data, and via the DIY/Web panel, display basically anything.

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Originally published at www.listhunt.co on August 15, 2015.