If You Feel Like You’re Not Achieving Your Dreams Fast Enough, You Need to Read This

You should be more successful at this stage of your life. Everyone else is passing you up. You’re not achieving your dreams fast enough.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an artist or an entrepreneur or a regular 9–5 worker, we all have ambitions and we all feel like this.

And you might say to yourself, “I’ve been working my ass off and I did all I could do with the time I was given, but I should’ve gotten more done today. I need to do more. I need to work harder.”

Harder. Longer. Fewer breaks. Surely that’s the answer.

Wrong. Life will pass by you while you work yourself to death and wallow in guilt.

Then what is the answer? How do I stop these intrusive thoughts about not being successful enough, about not doing enough? Here’s the solution, the one thing you need to hear. The one thing you need to remind yourself every day:

Your best for one day is not your best every day, and that’s okay.

That’s it. Simple. Powerful.

Sometimes we’re knocking items off our to-do list like a bowling champion knocks down pins and we can taste our dreams coming true and we’re on top of the world.

But other days it feels like the world is on top of us and it’s a struggle to get out of bed. Our only claim to victory is taking a shower or doing the dishes.

And you know what? That’s okay. Your best for one day is not going to be your best every day. You aren’t a machine. You can’t operate at peak efficiency all day, every day, for the rest of your life.

And even if you were a machine, machines still malfunction and break and fall apart.

So remember this next time you tell yourself you should be doing more: your best for one day will not be your best every day, and that’s okay.

Like everything else, success is a balance.

This doesn’t mean you should slack off or laze around, it just means you should be gentle with yourself and accept that you can’t hold the weight of the world on your shoulders. Not every day, anyways.

Because your best for one day is not your best every day, and that’s okay.

I hope this has helped you stress less!

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Until next time,

Ryan Reudell