Taking a Break
Daniel Tunkelang

Good for you! It is important to step back and allocate time to the important things.

I am in the same boat. All I’ve done since college is work, during work and during my free time. I realized I needed to step back and get a different perspective. In the summer I discovered my love for hiking, mountain biking and a slower lifestyle at least off-hours… I’ve also lost weight.

For me, this break serves a dual purpose… I have a dissertation that was collecting cobwebs when I foolishly let it lapse when working dayjob. Now I work on it everyday in addition to fun things.

I’m also not sure what’s next. I am leaning towards consulting or maybe a startup. There are a few industries I am interested in like educational technology, embedded systems/IoT, or something environmental. Or… switch industries entirely and work for the company I originally eyed in grad school: Educational Testing Service.