The big hill at Elms Road Park (photo by me, on my walk)

The Most Comfortable Walk in the World

Today I went on the most comfortable walk in the world. I’ve been actively moving toward this for some time. It’s at the end of a combination of efforts.

So comfort is key.

A few years ago, I found the most comfortable pair of shoes in the world. At first, I wore the ones made out of wool from happy sheep (blue). My second pair is made out of trees (blue). My third pair is on order (purple!). They are unbelievable. You feel like you’re walking on clouds.

In a state of total, comfortable mindfulness, I can pull in all these details, think about them, and forget them right away.

This is the 15 minutes of my day where I can zone out, let thoughts bubble to the surface, flow into the sky, and then disappear.

All about making art out of words. Background in journalism and music. Currently an audiobook editor. Grows avocado and lemon trees indoors for kicks! :)

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