Sean Hannity Thinks We’ve Lost Our Country. Fantastic.

Sean Hannity is despondent. “We’ve lost our country. Without equal application of our laws and equal justice under the law, there’s one thing left to say to our great nation: Goodbye.”

Ah yes, the good ol’ false-equivalency. Roger Stone lied to Congress, but whattabout all those other people who lied to Congress and haven’t been arrested? Whattabout Clapper and Brennan and Fast and Furious and Hillary?

Never you mind that such scandals and personalities were investigated — often by the Republicans, who, Hannity conveniently overlooks, controlled Congress for nearly all of Obama’s presidency. Never you mind that nothing worthy of indictment emerged.

Yet that’s not the real story here. Hannity is grasping at straws (and straw men) to make a deeper argument about the state of the country. And the good news is that he’s steadily admitting the country he wants is out of reach.

That country is one of macho conservatism, one that believes that America, post-1960s, has become too soft, too generous, too feminine, too brown (and sometimes, too black), too secular (and Muslim!), too caring, too whiny, too anything-that-is-not-Chuck-Norris-in-the-1980s.

This is a cartoonish view America, one that kicks ass and takes names, even as in terms of policy none of that really works. But it’s a cultural core that favors people like him— false Alpha Males who think they should be able to say anything they want whenever they want to whomever they want, and for whom accountability is only meant for the direst of circumstances (otherwise, boys will be boys!). Around them is rung a wall of cultural edifices that keep out all but those who are deeply loyal to this worldview — lower classes, people of color, and women who enable them by laughing at their jokes and affirming they’re not racist.

All the while they’re making money, or, perhaps more accurately, having money flow to them for increasingly little actual work, via stocks and rents speaking gigs, and ghost-written books.

And Hannity appears ready to admit that that version of America — the one in which rich white men could hold all the cultural, social, and political power — is quickly slipping away.

For Hannity and those like him, Stone’s dirty tricks and low jabs (“Bill Clinton is a rapist” was Stone’s invention) were entirely acceptable to maintain whatever traction their worldview could hold on the political stage. But now that real, FBI-raiding accountability is on the table, Hannity realizes that those days are numbered.

In all likelihood, many will retreat into enclaves and special communities away from the broad politic. For the rest of us, we can finally move past the arguments we’ve been having back and forth since the 1960s. Hurray for the last gasps of macho conservatism.