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Ryan Bohl
Apr 15 · 2 min read

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback.

Do keep in mind that as I define (and refine) these definitions, they are meant to describe the primary attributes of a candidate — that is, their political character traits with which they are most likely to be identified with by a Democratic primary voter. Many of them have overlapping traits, and all would like to win the votes of all three major categories, but the reality is, when faced with a choice, voters must choose based on what they value — economics or culture — and to what extent.

With all that said, let me respond in points:

So I put Klobucher in the “Workers” camp because she’s primarily campaigning on economic, rather than cultural, issues — at least, so far. But I would retain she is ‘soft’ in that regards, as a means to describe the centrism you describe.

Gabbard for sure does have plenty of Worker traits, but her most forward-facing identity is pretty Dogmatic — a hard anti-war Leftism that is essentially cultural rather than economic.

I would agree with your assessment on Buttigieg, especially as he has pivoted the past few weeks.

Finally, part of the hesitation for me to use poll numbers is this:

  1. We’re still far out, so numbers are fluid
  2. If we’d used polls to guide our predictions for the GOP’s 2016, we would have absolutely discounted Trump, who was never the front runner — until he was (and that experience in part drove me to try to describe primary dynamics in a different way)
  3. Biden still isn’t in yet; though I don’t disagree he’s a front runner if he does, until he actually makes that jump, I’ll keep him to the side.

Again, thanks for your thoughtful feedback.

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