The Biggest Plot Hole In Russiagate Is That Nobody Can Even Say What It Is
Caitlin Johnstone

There *is* a clearly defined fact-based evidence of what collusion looked like. Good God. You have it posted.

Donald Jr. met someone he believed to have information damaging to Hillary Clinton who was meant to be coming from the Russian government. That she may not have been — and that’s not yet fully known, though she’s denied it — doesn’t change his *absolute intent to meet with an agent of a hostile foreign power for the purpose of getting dirt on his father’s political opponent*.

If this had happened during the Cold War, it would be cut, dry, and treason. But since you clearly have never read Peter Pomerantsev’s “Nothing is True and Everything is Possible,” you don’t seem to have any idea how intentionally clouded the modern Kremlin has made the media environment. Instead, you persist in the cloud, pretending that that’s truth, while holding the evidence IN YOUR POST that proves otherwise. I dunno, bias? Cognitive dissonance? Your pick.

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