California. I will see you soon.

42 Things I Learned by 30.

In no specific order:

  1. What others think of you is none of your business.
  2. Whenever she gives you that look kiss her.
  3. Cherish the moment.
  4. Seriously every moment. You’re alive.
  5. Stop worrying about what you can do for yourself and worry about what you can do for everyone else. It will start making more sense. Try it.
  6. Always tell her how you feel — even if it hurts.
  7. Sleep naked.
  8. Leave your iPhone on the other side of the room to charge before you go to sleep. Never next to your bed.
  9. Don’t put it all on red when you’re at the roulette wheel.
  10. Make your emails short and specific.
  11. Drink your coffee however you like. Never settle for coffee that doesn’t taste perfect.
  12. Tell your family and friends you love them and appreciate them for being there for you. Even if they’re sometimes not.
  13. Call your grandmother.
  14. Go for more walks. Not for exercise just to take in the scene with no planned destination.
  15. Say less.
  16. Listen more.
  17. Give in to temptation every once in while.
  18. Pray — doesn’t matter to what or who. Just talk to something bigger than yourself sometimes.
  19. Call someone you think is your enemy, ask them how they are and talk to them a few minutes about their life. You’ll be surprised how you feel when you get off the line.
  20. If you have a tough decision just flip a coin — before it lands you’ll know what the answer is, so no need to catch it.
  21. Make more love and have less sex.
  22. Let go of all grudges.
  23. Take risks. It’s the things you don’t do you’ll end up regretting.
  24. Give her a neck rub. Especially if she’s giving you the silent treatment.
  25. Make old friends.
  26. Try everything once. Try some things twice.
  27. Set the California coast as your goal. And move a few times in between.
  28. See everyone for their best but never let your guard down.
  29. Leave your phone in the car when you go to the movies.
  30. Don’t have that “one more shot” of vodka.
  31. Smile. Even when you’re unhappy.
  32. Travel more. And make sure you do it now because if you wait for the “right time” it’ll never happen.
  33. Quit your job.
  34. Turn your passion into making a living. Quitting your job will make that possible.
  35. Talk to your dog. He gets you and will better than anyone else.
  36. Give something you love away.
  37. No matter how bad the food tastes thank them for it.
  38. Jealousy is love mixed with envy. Embrace those who don’t like you.
  39. Never buy anything on credit.
  40. If she asks you to dance. Never say no.
  41. Listen to more classical music.
  42. Reinventing yourself is the key to youth.
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