🦁Pausing a second to say THANK YOU🦁

It’s unbelievable how many great connections I’ve made through RE Fitness. Some of the coolest people I’ve ever met are now clients, fans, and friends. It’s an absolute honor to have you along with me.

As things increase and grow I will always do my best to get back to each and every comment and message I can though sometimes I miss them. Some days I feel like my thumbs can’t keep up, but I want you to know every piece of content right down to the graphic design is all me personally and it will continue to be that way. Every keystroke and like on a comment is yours truly.

🦁😽This pic is missing some lionesses but it was TOO FITTING.

Furthermore as things grow I’ve been getting the inevitable hateful comments. That comes with the territory. But almost always when I see some trash written on a pic or video I see one of my loyals has already commented and ripped into the person. The feeling of thankfulness to have you on my side is overwhelming, I mean it.

As this continues I want us to keep the vibe of positivity and progression above all else.

I had the privileged chance to grow up in a great melting pot (Baltimore, Maryland). I’ve been lucky enough to have friends of all races, religions, and nationalities. My music taste reflects this as any given time I’ll be spinning Drizzy to some 80’s Garth Brooks.

👮Career-wise I’ve had one hell of a ride as well.

This has ranged from graduating college and my best friend talking me into becoming a police officer (here’s the full story on that rewarding career by the way: — #BlueLine) to taking my shot at a top hedge fund where I worked directly with some of the world’s top businessmen, one of whom become a lifelong friend and mentor.

My pops is one of my biggest supporters and my great-grandmother — who turns 101 this month — is my best friend to this day. (She still drives too, so I’m convinced our driving system is corrupt . . . but I digress.)

This business is more than a business for me. It’s become a lifestyle where I get to connect with my favorite people on the daily.

I’m more than excited for the future and direction of where we’re going. I mainly wanted to write this to let you come a little deeper with me and more importantly to THANK YOU. I would not exist without you.

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