My Favourite VR Experience

I had already owned my Oculus Rift for about a month. Long enough to try every free demo, and purchase a few games. Yet, this was not the experience that opened my eyes to the possibilities of VR. Rather than spend more money on some games, I had went ahead and purchased a Leap Motion Controller.


After combining my new Leap Motion controller with my Oculus Rift, and firing up some demo scenes in Unity, I was immediately aware of level of immersion that I just didn’t experience in any of the games or demos I had played. Despite the unity demos having mostly basic graphics, the whole experience sort of broke my brain. Reaching out and touching something that’s not there is sort of a let down, I’ll admit that. But, having so much of your brain fully expect to be able to feel the object you’re reaching out to grab is a sign of what is possible.

Next Steps

Maybe it’s obvious that the next step needs to be real innovations in tactile feedback. Are we a few vibrating motors away from completely tricking our brain into believing we are really in our virtual worlds? Maybe not, but maybe for a few frames at a time, it’ll be enough to make the hair stand up on your neck.

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