The Far Left Is Still Out Of Touch With Black Voters
Marcus H. Johnson

Great Article with some great points all around. For some reason it still amazes me on the amount of white-lash received for simply addressing an issue that soundly identifies a key concerns of Bernie Sanders and his platform. You can’t win over the democratic party by hand-waving issues that concern the base. And that’s exactly what Bernie Sanders and the “Far-left” have done and continue to do. If people would have observed Bernie Sanders through the same lens that they have for every other Democratic Candidate, they would have been more open minded to the criticism and demanded more of his platform. Single-payer and economic equality only hand-wave concerns I have, I’m more concerned with racial inequality than economic. Universal Health care and Single-payer are not synonymous. And until Bernie and his platform focus on that, they’ll continue to lose elections despite the crowds and high favorably numbers; strangely enough popularity doesn’t get people elected.

Stop hand-waving identity politics and assuming economics fixes all. It doesn’t and there’s plenty examples in other countries to prove this.

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