It’s Time for Bernie Sanders to Apologize to his Supporters, and to President Obama
Sasha Stone

Just reading all of the negative responses on this thread only reinforces the truth of the author’s point. From the beginning of the campaign, it was pretty clear to me, at least, that Trump and Sanders were essentially running the same campaign. Yeah, they differed on some of the hot-button issues, but that is just window-dressing. At heart, both ran on an isolationist platform, which meant that both had a common enemy in Hillary Clinton and, by extension, Obama. Both Clinton and Obama had Trump and Sanders dead to rights on the policy side of things, so the latter duo played up and milked the untrustworthiness myth for all that it was worth. Yes, I enthusiastically supported Clinton from the start, but I also appreciated that voting for the next President is not the same thing as voting for the captain of the fucking high-school cheerleading squad. Unfortunately, this campaign was pretty much just that, and it devolved to a point where Hillary-haters became incapable of seeing the moral or ethical distinction between her and Trump. Bernie could have preempted a lot of this by bowing out of the primary long before the convention. Instead, his ego got in the way, and he jumped on the Hillary-hate bandwagon because it seemed to be working for Trump. That was Bernie’s ultimate failure of the leadership test, and it demonstrates clearly why he was never really ready to be president. But hey…hopefully the current Fuhrer-elect works out.

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