Cut Up Day: 9.26.17

I am closed but open seven days a week with five faces

I am cash only with big value but bold flavor

There is

No Bathroom

No smoking

No soliciting

But you can watch every game if you see something and say something

Imagine what you can accomplish

Do not open doors

Do you have any fear or anxiety about social situations?

Follow instructions

Yes! You can go back to school!

Value meal open again soon

Priority seating closed for remodeling

Made here authorized personnel only

Do you have trouble falling asleep?

Exit as instructed never step on any rails


Follow instructions

Do not open any doors

If in danger, help others

Game every something help made days

You meal back

Do you asleep?

In instructed week could bathroom soliciting seating open open situations?

Value have something school have but accomplish no closed

Yes if you five about do here watch go anxiety faces

If as remodeling on bold big for seven

Exit or social no personnel only

Never follow danger again priority others you step see

Cash open falling say authorized exit do flavor imagine soon instructions value not any to what no smoking can fear you

Warning only rails trouble closed doors

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