The Question is the Answer

The question is the answer

It is?

There you have it

A lonely man has obsession with geniuses

Tis his taste

And stares into deep water cup gazing from different angles

Pulling the cup from his face then pushing it back

Left to right

Back and forth

Mesmerized lost in a cup of water

And it’s funky ass beauty

If only everyone knew of

That’s true I guess

Guests are in the building sleeping

It’s Roger Waters and Dav

e Matthews

And they’re hooking up

Totally both buck ass naked in bed humping hard like crazy boy

Oh blasted but there’s something

A priest a very holy monk

A long long time ago

Sought to live the sacred life

And down a path he strode, certain and devout

So good was he and moral you see

A kind godly saint

But the more his kindness grew

A target grew on his back too, he believed

For knowing there was a true evil in the world

He feared the devil would soon oppose him

Demons appeared in the black of night

And sodomized him with fiery dicks

Dicks with eyes

Eyes of their own

Right on each ball blinking blindly

After the holy man turned from the pious life

And never did a good thing again

But never did a bad thing again either

Never did anything positive

Nor anything negative

And became the true nothing

Hehe nothing ← — — that thing?

No, nothing

Oh yeah nothing, I know nothing

But ain’t that sad about that dearly good priest?

Spent the rest of his days eating ravioli

Alone in a wicker chair

Reading the Epic of Gilgamesh

Afraid if he did something evil

Good would come to defeat him

And if he did something good

Evil would come to defeat him just the same

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