How to Boost Battery Life for your iPhone or iPad

This is the gift of the technology that we can enjoy talking to people in some seconds that are farther than you. Also, you can send or receive messages and see images as well. The technology assists in many ways and in case, you are having the Apple iPhone 7, then more than just a device to get connected with your loved one, it is a thing to offer you more prestigious image surrounds you as well. There is one thing that you can’t deny that the modern technology had made the person addicted to the same and so using that regularly amazing technology, which is an Apple iPad mini, or other Apple iPhone or iPad is quite amazing. At the same time, the device would have applications that can suck the battery of the product. No worries, here given are the useful tricks which proved to be excellent for saving the battery.

Don’t Get Affected with Quitting Apps — When the battery of your Apple iPhone 7 or iPad dies very quickly, then majorly a myth revolves around that and as per that it is advised that there might be the reason that some of the applications on the device sucking the battery and to keep the issue of low battery, you need to immediately remove such applications from the device. The actuality is that it is not a good idea. When you close the app, then it takes it out of RAM, but still, this is running and using memory at the back of the device. So, loading and uploading stressful for the battery of the device. This clearly indicates that closing app would not affect the battery life as they are draining a battery at the back with the Background App refresh. So, better you would have enabled the Background App refresh, so they would not run in the background and use just location, recording audio etc.

Boost Battery Life of iPhone

Turn On Low Power Mode — In case, you are using iOS 10 or iOS 9 with your Apple iPad mini or other Apple devices, then would find a feature named Low Power mode and this is actually quite helpful to lessen the overall power requirements and so it leaves a positive impact over the battery life as it lasts for a longer period of time. It is claimed by Apple that having this app means you can enjoy using the device for about 3 more hours compared to device don’t have a low power mode. It is not a default option that would work in the background, but it offered on its own when the device would leave with about 20% battery. It would again switch off when the charge would go more than 80%. So, it is a nice and quiet helpful feature for the extra battery life of your device. Even, it can be enabled before the battery reached to 20% and for that, you have to go to settings and here turned on the low power mode so that would lessen the power consumption, some automatic downloads, visual effects etc.

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