Harness the Conversation — Collaboration Card of the Day

Harness the Conversation: In the (Maintenance and We) category, this card can be used when a group is struggling to make forward progress. New research into collaboration shows that sharing airspace in conversation is one of the few behaviors that correlate with a statistically significant increase in successful task completion. On one hand, “duh”, on the other hand, how many groups have you been in where one person just won’t shut up. Mapping the conversation is a tool to notice the issue, but the conversation and reflection are what have the power to help groups evolve. The great thing is that when quantified, the results are obvious. I am in a group with four people, and therefore, I represent 25% of the potential contribution. I am speaking 80% of the time. Takeaway = I should talk less

Collaboration Tip: Give people that are talking to much the job of using their extroverted nature to ask others for their opinion. Often, extroverts contribute just to be involved, and they don’t mind changing how they are involved, they just want to do something. Their job is to ensure those quiet folks in the group are asked for their opinion.

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