Is literary fiction dead?
Callum Sharp

Callum Sharp Not dead but perhaps in hibernation. Attention spans being what they are might be great for sites such as medium and other mico-fiction reads (short stories, flash fiction) but convincing someone to invest their time in a novel instead of scrolling through their facebook for the hundreds time is more of a challenge today than the past.

I firmly believe that literary fiction will one day return to the spotlight, be it in e-book or paper or who know whats next.

Temple Wang makes a good point about it being more of a “demand” problem. But that doesn't mean technology should get all the blame.

I’m not huge on social media but what would you say the odds were of being able to not only discuss a book online with like-minded people but in some cases get to speak directly to the writer themselves. There are blogs written by authors who, in many cases will respond directly to your comments.

I like a good short read myself but there is nothing like losing yourself in a good novel.

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