Being A Pilot Prepared Me For Being A Startup Founder
Mike Williams

Mike Williams, great post. I believe your comment regarding reevaluation to be spot on…not only are we being reevaluated by flight examiners, but we often reevaluate ourselves. For instance, after having a bad landing in a particular aircraft on a Sunday July morning in New Mexico, I realized immediately that my hands weren’t as good as I had expected for that day. I reevaluated my situation — I had stayed up late the night before, I forgot to drink a cup of coffee on the way to the airport, and I had a ton of personal issues on my mind. Based on this personal assessment, I made a decision to call that landing my last for the day and taxi in.

I feel that the same type of reevaluation is important in the business environment as well. Perhaps we shouldn’t take a call when we are upset about an business outcome or personal issue. Perhaps we shouldn’t make key business decisions, regarding a startup, right after watching an episode of Shark Tank. We have many distractions in our lives and I think, individually, we can save ourselves some discomfort by recognizing our own performance delinquencies and altering course.

Matt Mixon is an active duty Air Force pilot stationed in Wyoming. He enlisted in the Air Force four days after turning 18 — he initially served as an intelligence analyst and drone operator. He graduated in 2012 from The American Military University with a Bachelors Degree in Management. He was selected to commission as an Air Force Officer and attend US Air Force pilot training. He earned his pilot wings in 2014 and now holds the rank of Captain. In 2017 he graduated from The University of the Incarnate Word with a Masters degree in Organizational Development and Leadership. He has aspirations to attend law school with a focus in business law. As a serial entrepreneur, he has dedicated his latest venture, a business consulting firm, to being a lean and 100% self-sustainable operation.