Sharia Law Is Coming to Montana, Or, The Media Has a Problem, But Not the One They Think
Kamela Hutzley Dolinova

So, the problem that the media has is that it has failed to convey the actual progress and truth that runs counter to the spin of the right and alt-right. Failed to sell a truth that is less satisfying than the fiction that is sold by the political opposition.

But the problem is also that liberal political leaders have failed to see the need to sell their message day in and day out to the parts of the country that they don’t feel they can get a majority of the votes of.

And a step beyond that that we as liberals have been satisfied with our media and leaders speaking to us and not demanded that they turn their attention to those who disagree with them and focus on making sure that the policy efforts they make on the behalf of those parts of the population are consistently covered, packaged and sold to those who are constantly receiving marketed messages painting a very different world for them.