Mutlitasking in VR —Gamechanger!

Why multitask ?

We need to have things done — and soon VR MR will help us with this, and we won’t stop on 1 thing at time, just as on desktops we’ll take care of a lot’s of things simultaneously. But how it will look like in VR ? Won’t we loose the immersion, which is one of the main sell point in VR ?

We don’t know it yet — but there’e already companies which are working on this one, and I will briefly introduce them:


It’s super interesting communication product- which is still in it’s alpha. It claims that in the same way as now you’re using Skype, Office, and Chrome, soon you will want to design something in VR, simultaneously talking to your team mates about the concept for your work.

You can read more about them on Upload:

And their own webpage.

“V” baked startup which wants to be your dashboard for Virtual Reality. It’s ambitious, but it’s not so impressive as at Pluto, here you can see short video- how does it look like in action:

It’s only available on Oculus(download) — and I am not sure if founders are still working on this project, since their fanpage haven’t been updated since November:

However if they will manage to partnership with other developers, and library of apps-widgets will grow, it will be super interesting to use it.

You can read more on RoadToVr.


it’s our own new project, which we’re bootstrapping inside BasementVR team.

We want to create universal news feed which will serve you a portion of healthy VR news everyday.

Why we’re even doing it in VR ? Because 3d is booming, and soon it will be obvious to consume news in 3d.

We’re in early alpha, and soon will start to send invitations, if you want to try- feel free to join here.


It’s a piece of great productivity app available on Steam.

Basically what it does is it duplicates one of the apps from your screen and displays it on your HMD. It’s really interesting, but UX is still kind of hacky.
However it’s gathering really great reviews on Steam, and it was released month ago, so maybe it will develop into something great.

You can check it out on this video:

If you know any other VR app which works in a multitask mode — let me know I will check it out with pleasure.

Also if you have any other subject which you would like me to write about — feel free to suggest it in comments.

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