fruit picking and grammar schooling

the tories have made it very clear that they expect the U.K. economy to collapse after Brexit (after an Article 50 declaration) and that the future of work for coming generations is casualised, precarious and seasonal manual labour. the world of work that characterises most of the English seaside is going to be the norm for everyone.

this is why the tories need grammar schools to return so that the 80–90% of children who fail the 11+ will be identified and then sent out into that very world of work. there will, after all, be no point educating them at secondary school just so they can pick fruit.

all secondary schools will be grammar schools because they will be the only secondary schools and at least 80% of children over eleven will not be educated by the state.

this is what ‘shrinking the state’ means, shrinking the economy so that unemployment and underemployment explodes repressing wages even further.