Leave Off

The entirety of the Leave campaign was lies masking its real offer of indulging in xenophobia, racism, and reactionary mythologising. This is what Leave really meant, a once in a lifetime opportunity to indulge in an orgy of reaction. Voting Leave allowed the 17 million the opportunity to be the reactionary isolationist nationalists or xenophobic racists they knew they were not supposed to be. The greater and more obvious the lies told by Leave the easier it was for the 17 million to indulge their fantasies of nationalist isolation, xenophobic racism, or, stupidest of all, revolution because the more phantasmagoric the entire event became the less real it seemed and the safer it seemed to indulge those phantasies. The falsehood of everything that Leave said is, therefore, not worth pointing out becaue 17 million had their little release and, like all good perverts, don’t want to return to that particular part of their desires for the moment.