May’s Unavoidable Victory: Brexit Depression Without Electoral Consequences

It was easy to assume that the racist and xenophobic vote for Leave in the referendum would come to nothing because any PM would not want to face the electorate having just triggered a savage economic collapse by invoking Article 50. However, May’s electoral calculus is different. May knows that between the hysterical nationalism of the SNP, Cameron’s outrageous gerrymander, and the electoral poison of Corbyn she is certain to win the next election, certain to win by a landslide.

For May the terrible economic consequences of Article 50 Brexit are irrelevant. May can win in the face of appalling economic collapse because she has no opponent, because the English nationalism Cameron stirred up by provoking the Scots with his ‘EVOL’ speech will not abate until Scottish nationalism does, and because she will be the beneficiary of Cameron’s gerrymandering.

A Tory PM who will win (at least one election) on the basis of deliberate economic mismanagement. This is an astonishing new low.