About Me: Katie Mueller

This picture is from roughly a year ago. I had just gone on a cave tour, hence the hat.

It’s been a year since I first did this project, and honestly? I don’t think I’ve changed that much. Same house, still no siblings, same activities. I’m older. About six months from being seventeen and the dancing queen. 2015 was hard on me. Between sickness, death, and a serious academic struggle, it felt like nothing was going right. But it’s a year later and I still find comfort in the stars and my friends and family. I still desperately want to go everywhere. I still have musical aspirations for my future, so no. I don’t think that much has changed.


The music I’ve chosen is the “Love Theme” by Jerry Goldsmith from the movie Chinatown. Not only is Chinatown one of my favorite movies, but it has my favorite soundtrack of any movie, composed by my favorite film composer. It’s also my dream to be a film composer when I grow up. Movies are also a way I’ve connected to a lot of members of my family, so these song has a lot of meaning to me.


This picture is from the football game on Friday with my friends Theresa, Emily, and Lauren. We’re all in marching band so we play the half-time show and do pep band during the games.

One person I’m really inspired by is my dad because a lot of the things I like and am interested in are because of him. My mom is a lawyer, so she always worked a lot, so growing up, I was often around my dad more, so many of my interests in things like art, music, and travel are because of him.

My mom also inspires me because of how much she’s accomplished. My mom was the first person in her family to go to college and became a lawyer after many years of hard work. Since my mom has been met with many struggles in her life, she is really good at giving advice and instilling confidence in not only me, but everyone.


The final person who inspires me is actress Gillian Anderson. For one, I love X-Files, and she’s most famous for playing FBI agent Dana Scully in the show. Second of all, because she played Scully, she showed that strong women who are good role models exist, and Dana Scully is one of television’s best female role models ever. She’s a vocal supporter of LGBT+ rights, which even in 2016, can be a dangerous thing to be.


Aside from being a film composer, one of my dreams is to travel to every country in the world. This is because there’s just so much of the world to explore, and so much of it has been untouched, that I can’t believe anyone wouldn’t want to see it all.


The first picture I chose is of Route 66. I think this represents American life because for one, Rout 66 is known as the “Main Street of America”. It also represents how the road trip represent American’s desire to explore their surrounding and to venture into the unknown.


I also picked this picture of McDonalds because in the United States, it’s impossible to be more than 144 miles away from a McDonalds. This shows how large a part of American culture food. Even though McDonalds is nation, and world, wide, many areas of the USA have their own chain restaurants exclusive to the region that reflect the food and culture from said region.


The last picture I chose is of guitars. I chose this because while each region of America has it’s own genres of music, from grunge to bluegrass to soul, they all influence each other and feed into the rich culture of the American music scene.

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