Your story put me in mind of an encounter of my own as a bystander to harassment.
Tim Ford

The 3rd woman was just stupid. SHE might have been okay, but future women may not be and who knows if you will want to help them after the message she sent.

Rarely do I find people to stand with another person who is being harassed. Men often have a “no woman is going to tell me what to do” complex and it is difficult to stop their advances. Having another man step in feels amazing and works much better.

I do agree that I feel many people (especially men) downplay harassment as exaggeration and/or they are amused by it. So a man stepping up to help without being “talked into it” is awesome!!

Also, the being nice and courteous thing does often work, but it gets old fast. It’s a bluff, hoping they will get bored of you like a cat playing with a limp dead object versus a live mouse. Meanwhile, your heart is racing, secretly hoping they don’t pick up offense at anything. After all, knowing how men hate to be disrespected and dissed, he could be a crazy lunatic who snaps and decides this woman needs to be taught a lesson about who’s in power. So yeah, you don’t want to accidentally piss them off for fear of rape or something. :P

Long story short, thank you from many more women besides crazy #3 for doing what’s right and considering us!! :D