The Nihilistic Purity of the Far Left Will Kill Us All
Sammy Leonard

Both political parties are representations of concentrated private power, the differences that arise between them have to do with spoils, not principles. Because of this, both parties exist to separate the People from their legislatures and reduce them to mere spectators deluded into thinking they have any say. The Democratic Party has a long history of co-opting the critical rhetoric of the left against capitalism only to turn around a betray we of the working class and capitulate to Republicans out of calls for “stability” and “unity.” To put any faith in the party of capitalists to do anything for marginalized and disenfranchised groups beyond token gestures shows an ignorance of history and a misunderstanding of class and power relations.

A general resistance movement must be class conscious, have an understanding of what power is and how it reproduces itself, understand the inherent contradictions in the capitalist mode of production, have a labor component organized across industries able and willing to shut down production, and be led by those from the most marginalized and disenfranchised groups in society for any successes to be had. The Democratic Party will give token support to these marginalized groups and the most bourgeois-aligned labor unions, but it will never be critical of the mode of production, and will never support policies or direct action that undermine the concentrations of private power that form its financial base.

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