EU on the decline and Europe drifting apart

Wow, that headline is something. But it’s far from being exaggerated. Europe has some big problems and no solutions to manage the crisis.

The EU had many challenges in the last years. It maneuvered itself into a position where important ties to Russia were almost completely cut. After that, there was space open. It did cost the EU a lot of money, and still does. Greece had its financial Waterloo, while Spain, Portugal and Italy isn’t doing so well. They could have used the money the EU is spending on the Ukraine itself.

The UK is getting ready for leaving the EU in 2017, and other countries repeatedly coming up with the same idea, while members being threatened from the European commission president with a possible ejection.

Then there is the conflict in the middle east, and now refugees are fleeing towards Europe. Germany’s chancellor Merkel made a big mistake by inviting everyone. That drove other countries nuts. The eastern Europe members are not amused and blocked some decisions. The thing is, Merkel doesn’t have a plan to solve this problem. Hungary constructed a fence to keep out refugees, deals are made with Turkey how they could handle this “problem” for the EU at a high price. More and more people trying to flee.

In countries like Poland, the recent election, together with serious statistics, shows a clear picture: The people do not want any more refugees. In Germany the people are parted and being polarized by politicians and mass media. Serious conflicts and the try to downplay that big rift between two completely different views of the situation, making it all worse. Where is the golden mid? It was always a strong force in Europe. Now everything seem to part between left and right. That’s not good sign. Not in a nation, but definitely not within a union of nations. Grotesque scenes are happening, where you have to remember yourself this is recorded in 2015.

While there is no question that from a moral standpoint a refugee that is coming from a war zone or being politically persecuted can’t be denied shelter, Merkel was all too enthusiastic and initiated a big wave of new refugees that seek a better life. The worst is, that Germany and other European countries made this problem on their own by stiring up war and delivering weapons. But that’s another thing. The other side does not recognize that the amount of people fleeing is too big. Europe simply can’t deal with that numbers with all those countries denying help. So especially Germany keep on welcoming refugees, which is a great gesture, but have no clue how to deal with them. The people more and more are being infuriated and I think right groups never had a stronger stream of solidarity since the creation of the Bundesrepublik Deutschland. The next election will be a disaster. Oh and the Turkish election strengthened Erdogan, making him more powerful than ever.

Let’s face it: Europe is fighting each others politically. There are problems from all sides. The refugee misery is only the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. European governments, unlike many people, let themselves divide from Russia, and now Europe divides itself. Chancellor Merkel today threatened with war if the borders are closed. And guess who is the winner in this mess? The USA. Europe is no danger economically for the next decades anymore. Too weak, and totally destabilized by the US. Europe missed a chance for a long time. But let me make this clear, I don’t blame the USA for all that, I blame Europe because they let themselves pushed into the role of a puppet. World peace? No. Puppets regularly trying to cut their strings you know.