Medium beta for Android

Ryo Cook
Jun 15, 2015 · 1 min read

Well it’s here. And there is a question that raises if you watch the design and the great looking posts on this platform. How does a mobile app fit into this? An app for devices that is supposed to writing quick postings.

It’s interesting to see how it tries to make writing from mobile getting better. But of course there are limitations. At the time needed to write these lines, I would have wrote a whole article on my notebook.

Of course it is a beta so I won’t bitch about some problems here, but giving feedback in the Google+ community. But at the first sight, it feels almost like any other blogging app on mobile. I’m curious to see how this evolves though, but the main problem is still that writing longer posts on a mobile just sucks. And there is nothing a blogging app can do against it. The platform itself is promising, and if it goes new ways to make prettier posts from underway, I’m all for it.

Go Medium!

Edit: So, I should have read it again before sending it. And there is the next problem. Autocorrect did screw up the post. I’ve corrected some errors. On my notebook computer!

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