Good morning miss jackson

On the bus station, by the way to mexico

  • hi miss Jackson what do u do here
  • oh i,m travelling to mexico there were seeing a huge waves so u know
  • yes i see sometimes it scares me to see those people in water so irresponsible
  • mm yes u got right especially the oldest person they farding and those connection with pollution
  • hehe thats funny i was thinking about kids what leaving they mm bags with candies
  • i didn,t saw such a thing told miss jackson
  • no i kidding i sow you have an always right mr ruppert
  • last day i saw movie about some fight between young teenagers its,s a bad combination but ok
  • why it was interestin oh u know people shouldn,t fight they should scream but violence is bad
  • oh yes thats truth like in southpark
  • exactly ok i need to goo my bus came up thank u for joining my tim ruppert
  • big kahuna miss jackson :)