Discover this Easy-to-Use Study Tool

Efficient studying is different for every person. The way you study may not work for someone else. It depends on how a person is able to attain information. Usually when a student finds a useful way that works for them, they tend to stick with it. Different studying methods include group studying, independent studying, quizzing, flashcards, and etc. There are many study tools online that are available for everyone to use. They give you the ability to form your own questions based on your class material. Studying is something that all students need to do, unless you’re a super genius that never needs to study (and if you are one, I’m super envious).

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The tool that I discovered is very easy to use and to study from. The site is called The following is a step-by-step process on how to use the site:

  1. Sign up — create an account by setting up a user name and password; don’t forget to verify your email!
  2. Click on the “create” button — you will be given options on which mode you would like to choose.
  • Table Wizard: facts or terms
  • Image Wizard: tables or images
  • Wiki Wizard: insert images and text
  • Diagram Wizard: images with labels

3. Follow the steps provided to create your own questions!

To showcase this study tool, I’ve created a table wizard with the content I learned from my EID100 course at Ryerson. Click on the link and follow along with the following steps:

  1. Once you have opened the study tool, read the table and then click on the green “memorize” button on the bottom right corner.
  2. When the window pops up, you are able to choose which mode you would like to use — found in the bottom left corner of the pop up, you can choose from flashcards, matching, or multiple choice.
  3. When you get the answer right, a green light will pop up and if you get the answer wrong, then a red light will pop up.
  4. Continue through the entire tool until you have answered every question correctly.

You’re able to match the questions with the answers and vice versa. This tool allows you to have fun while studying and retain information in an easy way. This tool can be used for all your classes and you’re able to share the questions you create with your peers. Who knew discovering new ways to learn can be this fun?

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