My special-get acquainted-introductory-hot summer sale! CBS

Twilight Zone Poetry No.3 (One For The Angels)

Don’t forget about the ice cream social,
Everyone knows Lou has the best deal.
A man, with a booklet who knows his life’s story,
This man came looking for a soul to steal.

How little he appreciates his nature of departure,
I don’t want to go! Fuming apprehension.
So what, did you think? That you’d live until rapture?
Could he qualify for an unfinished business extension?

One single great pitch, just one for the angels.
My chance to make the children proud.
Isn’t it obvious what such a great deal could allow?

Now he’s done it, he’s tricked the devil,
Gone are the worries of imminent mortality.
For how sly he was with his salesman bravado,
Outsmarting his foe changed his inevitability.

Regretfully he’s replaced his demise with a young one’s.
You’ve made your bed and now lay without action.
Other arrangements have been made, what misfortune.
Unless his final sell makes a worthy distraction.