When Drake Bites, It’s A Crime But When Kendrick Lamar Does It, It’s Art?
Mr Thoro

I’m trying to understand something here. Young Chris mentioned how ideas bounce around among rappers in the studio. Also other rappers and producers alike have mentioned how lines float around during the songwriting/recording process. Moreover, producers often approach rappers with hooks in place with their beats which make their way to the final version. So it’s clear all rappers aren’t always writing songs 100% on their own from scratch while recording.

So is there a hard line an artist crosses which makes the creative process “wrong” for lack of a better word? For instance, Dr. Dre, Diddy, Lil Kim or in this case Drake have songs written for them with reference tracks but they all rock asterisks for that. Or is there a slippery slope which starts with sharing lines, ideas for lines/songs and hooks from others in the studio?

It seems like folks are OK with the latter. For the former, if the end result’s hot then it’s cool too. Yet they’re less of an artist if it’s done that way.

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