Blog #3: Research Application

The book Paradise Lost written by John Milton relates directly to the book Frankenstein written by Mary Shelly. The creature learns many of the things he knows and compares his life to the story of Adam and Eve throughout the book. The book Paradise Lost is the biblical story of the Fall of Man, the temptation of Adam and Eve created by Satan and how they were expelled from the Garden of Eden. In the Frankenstein story, Victor Frankenstein plays the role of God when he creates the creature. This relates to how in Paradise Lost, Satan is an archangel who is punished for his arrogance and the hunger he has for forbidden knowledge. Both Victor Frankenstein and the Creature also have that same thirst and ambition for knowledge. At one point the creature relates, “But it was all a dream; no Eve soothed my sorrows nor shared my thoughts; I was alone. I remembered Adam’s supplication to his Creator. But where was mine?” The monster feels that he is playing the same role as Adam and expects the same treatment from Victor that Adam received by God. He wanted a female version of himself. The creature not only relates to Adam in Paradise Lost, but he also relates to Satan in the way that Satan was rejected by the group of people that he was once part of the same way that the creature is rejected from society by the people. Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden of Eden for eating an apple from the tree of knowledge. It is the same that happens to Victor since he had a happy and loving life with his family until he created the creature. His hunger for knowledge and ambition led him to creating the creature and by doing this, creating his own destruction. He went where man had never gone and because of this everything in his life went downhill. He pays the consequences not only with his life but also the life of his family and loved ones. When the creature is created, he views Victor, his creator, as ‘God’, and himself as man when comparing his life to the Story in Paradise Lost. The creature realizes that Victor cannot play the role of ‘God’ properly when he asks for a mate and Victor is incapable of giving this to him. He realizes that he is not like the God in Paradise Lost so he decides to reverse the roles and starts playing God’s role.

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