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  • During the Mobile World Congress on Sunday in Barcelona, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook is Making a Map of Everyone in the World. He explained they’re using a brand new A.I. technique and a whole lot of computing power to do it. Now, Facebook says it has mapped almost 2 billion people better than any previous project. They will release the map until later this year. So, how did Facebook make better population maps than anyone else? It’s not like they paid vans to drive around the landscape like Google did. The answer is Facebook’s access to incredible computing power. Facebook’s Connectivity Labs first took the best-available world population information, a dataset from Columbia University called Gridded Population of the World. Then, it bought millions of kilometers of high-resolution satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe, the company that operates most of the private, high-resolution Earth-observing satellites now in space.
  • Since Facebook is looking forward to create a map of everyone in the world, this will violate the people’s right. The people have a right to privacy and Facebook is looking at the location of their users at all times. By Facebook doing this, it may give a feeling to their users of being watched or invaded. Facebook would keep track of the location of all their users at all times. This will create some controversy in people’s opinion towards Facebook. This might affect Facebook’s number of users. This relates to the news that recently came to light about the FBI asking apple to grant them access to an iPhone used by one of the two terrorists who killed 14 people in San Bernardino, the government has framed the argument as a simple trade-off: You must surrender a little privacy if you want more security. Apple denied the FBI access to the Iphones since it is violating their customer’s private life. It is very controversial since the FBI declared that you need to give up privacy in exchange for security. People debate wether this is true or not. I believe that this right for the people to have their privacy is and should not have the government eavesdropping on your personal conversations and personal life.
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