Like a Picasso

Shards of blue and red pulsed in the background, backlighting my crewmate’s profile as she drove up to the scene. Reminded me of Picasso.

The whiteness of the firemen’s face caught against our headlights as we parked. The red of the victim’s bloodied face with one eye open, looking for answers against pain and confusion. Fragments of faces, called out of the night, all juxtaposed on a rural road.

A black wheel lay over in the ditch. Windshield cracks lit up silvery, sprayed with flashes of red and blue. Red flares and grey smoke marked the scene. White plastic discards from medical supplies skittered across the road as we wheeled the patient away.

Fragments and flashes, shards of color, assembled. Like a Picasso.

Picasso — Night Fishing at Antibes, 1939