A year’s worth of data

Note: this is a repost from my original article on LinkedIn. From now on, I will publish here!

Another year has come and gone. Time goes by so fast!

Just this morning I was referring to a post from 5 years ago…

Sometimes I stumble on stuff I’ve done over the past 30 years. Either I’m flabbergasted by the cleverness of what I did… or I’m left wondering if I’m really the evil mind who wrote such a crappy piece of code or article!

That’s an odd feeling… I guess it’s called experience!

You want some predictions?

I can predict 2016 will be another exciting year filled with opportunities for those with the willingness, courage and crazy enough to venture on the unmarked path.

You won’t get much else from me! All those who make predictions rarely go back to them anyway, and if they do, they trumpet about how brilliant they were to get one right but stay silent about the numerous others they missed.

Bold and nimble!

In the spring of 2015 I took a different path, sacrificed job stability and great incomes to go back on the trail where I can enjoy more freedom. I wanted to rebuild my position in the market by helping other agencies grow their own analytics practice, work on some crazy ideas, and share my knowledge, experience some thoughts with others willing to listen.

By the numbers

As the little dashboard below shows, I have achieved some of my goals — although the start was a little slow, by the end of the year I had to let go some clients to maintain focus.

  • Empowering confident decisions: I’m playing an advisory role to a number of startups and agencies (some of which are confidential), and worked on a total of 29 different projects or engagements. In 2016 I intend to share more articles about the concepts and best practices instead of technical “how to”, and develop the tools to support the processes.
  • Thought leadership: I wrote a number of LinkedIn articles (still debating if the blog I started in 2002, LinkedIn or Medium is the best channel!). The level of engagement isn’t very high. In 2016 I would like to share more thought provoking about digital disruptions and analytics, and see a higher level of engagement.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise: I traveled quite a bit — especially given I only accounted for travel since the spring. For 2016 I already have a couple of events planned and there are more to come — I really enjoy speaking and doing workshops but the financial model around conferences is not very attractive (I guess unless you are Avinash or Jim Sterne!). I want to strengthen my position as a keynote speaker and revamp my workshops.
Sample dashboard built with Klipfolio.com

About the dashboard

I created this little dashboard with Klipfolio (I’m on their advisory board). It automagically brings data from the various services I use, including LinkedIn, Xero, and Tripit.

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