Medium is not a publishing tool
Ev Williams

I started my blog October 16, 2002 — my first post being a “hello world!”, and my second being “what is a blog?”.

After so many years, what I write about evolved to the point where I find myself reading back old post and thinking “wow! I was so clever” or… “what the heck was I talking about!”.

A couple of months ago, I decided to leave my old Blogger blog alone and leverage the LinkedIn Articles feature. After all, it make sense — I write from a professional angle and I’m well connected on LinkedIn.

The experiment stopped after about a dozen articles. LinkedIn has made the wrong decision to close their environment. No easy API, no easy sharing, very bad commenting feature, etc. There’s no widget to highlight my articles on my site, no way to retrieve statistics about readership, not even a “share on G+” (despite what people might say!)

Then I discovered Medium. It’s the features, it’s the network , and it’s a much more open environment. The daily email is awesome, editing is absolutely fantastic. This is the way to go. The power is the network, the network is the people.

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