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Thanks for chiming in Jonathan Longden —here’s how I put it: what’s the difference between a manager and an analyst? The analyst is granted the privilege of recommendation, while the manager has the power of decision. I’ve heard more than one marketer claim ownership of the web, of all channels, of sales, customer service and whatnot… in short, from their perspective, everything was qualified as “marketing”. Let’s not make the same mistake pretending analysts, because they “analyze” should also “implement” the solution. Don’t get me wrong, analysts are absolutely awesome, but an organization is sustainable because of the ability of its manager to leverage the right talent for the right job. As the skills of analysis becomes more prevailing, I think we’ll see more people applying analytic and optimization in their daily chores — regardless of their role. The feeling of “throwing recommendations over a fence” is an indication something is wrong — working as a team, the recommendations should be embraced by the team, don’t you think? A recommendation that goes nowhere is one that doesn’t strike the balance between the optimal scenario and the reality of the numerous constraints of the organization (budget, resources, technology, regulations, ethics, politics…), thus the feeling of what might seem to be crazy ideas that can’t be implemented.

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