I agree with this.
Rod Jacka

Thanks Rod, Six Sigma has many “tools” which can be applied and leveraged. To your point about bringing processes into control and the fact this can’t always be applied in a complex environment, my approach is to take only what is relevant from the methodology in a given context (as Six Sigma analysts would do anyway). When I was first exposed to Six Sigma many years ago, the company where I was became too obsessed with the strict application of it, which I think was an error (as it is with any methodology).

The key message is twofold. First, I’ve seen many vendors, agencies and analysts present their own analysis process, which lacks solid background and has limited applicability (and honestly, most often than not serves their own commercial interests). Second, I have seen even more analysts without the slightest idea of *any* problem solving and analysis process and not knowing where to start, or going at random.

That’s why when presenting, I only ask people to remember DMAIC — that’s a starting point. The rest is up to them!

I will talk more about Agile and Lean Six Sigma in an upcoming article.