Dreaming in Dubai

Day 2 in Dubai was nothing short of magical. My morning began as early as 5:30am waking up to the sound of prayers from the mosque right in front of our dorm. I was startled to hear a new alarm clock in place, but I have a feeling I’ll be starting every morning on the right foot Inshallah. We kick-started our day with a power breakfast at the Zaatar w Zeit (Thyme and Oil) known for its variety of Manakeesh served. I selected a Halloumi Manakeesh which is a unique blend of cheese derived from goat, sheep, and cow milk, alongside a spread of Labneh yogurt inside. Soon after, we were off to the Canadian University of Dubai (CUD) to meet the students who will be assisting us in the development of our RGIC projects. I was delighted to meet Amsal and Hanadi who are are not only the brightest students at CUD, but the most loving and friendly people I have met in Dubai. They are not only passionate but willing to go the extra mile for our team, and I am so excited to work with them.

Ryerson takes over CUD!
With Amsal and Hanadi, our lovely partners from CUD. Also was happily photobombed by the Al-Ahlia Group.

They also gave us a tour of their trendy and modern campus, built no more than 10 years ago. My favourite place in the entire building is the CUD LRC (Learning Resource Centre), which has the flags of every student’s country represented within a single space. The unity this simple gesture brings to the university and the UAE culture has me appreciative to work in a partnership with CUD. It was at the LRC where we also met another lovely CUD student named Moubin, who is currently working as a consultant at one of the top management firms in the UAE. The significant amount of passion, support, and contributions we’ve received from these CUD students on the first day alone make me thrilled to collaborate and partner with a university like CUD. After the mix and mingle event, the icebreaker introduction held by the Director of CSR from the Al-Ahlia Group was also very fun and amusing as I got to bond closer with the CUD students.

CUD’s Learning Resource Centre- my favourite spot

We then took off to visit the world’s largest mall, the Dubai Mall, which had countless amusement park attractions ranging from a ski resort to an aquarium. And boy, was it big! I was enchanted by the world’s biggest shoe district found inside the mall called Levels, and fell in love at first sight with the Vogue café as well. It was definitely worth the innumerable volume of walking that we all had done inside the mall. I can also guarantee the kebabs I had for dinner was burned off from all the walking that occurred today. From our dinner venue at the Al Hallab we were able to see the Burj Khalifa fountain show from the balcony top and it was beyond spectacular. For a moment I was breathless by its enormous height and shimmer. Artistically crafted fixtures are the most beautiful form of art in my eyes, and the Burj Khalifa was truly something magical I will remember for all my life.

Bird’s eye view from just one section of the Dubai Mall
World’s biggest shoe district ❤
The magnificent ice rink at the Dubai Mall
I’ll have a cup of chic please
Views from Dubai
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