“Are you guys really still having the discussion about objectivity?”
Bettina Figl

  1. I’ve been using 4. by encouraging sources to tell me what Afro Latinx identity means to them and allowing the interview to be more of a conversation that my source is leading. The methods I would like to try are sketching and observing my surroundings when I go for an interview or to an event related to my community.

2. My favorite fan communities are the television fandoms on Tumblr. The sheer amount of fan fiction, gifs, and other content related to various tv shows is one of my favorite parts of being a part of a television fandom.

3. I don’t agree with that statement because it’s reminiscent of the point Sabrina brought up about who has the right to tell certain stories. A recent example of stories being told by people who are not part of a community but claim to feel for it is the “Somaliland Journal of African Studies” which included no Somali scholars in the team that curates that journal. That has received a large amount of backlash via the hashtag #CadaanStudies.

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