RENT, 20 Years Later: Why We’ve Come To Hate The Show We Once Loved
Ester Bloom

Hi Ester. Just to clarify, I did not sue anyone regarding the use of my novel People In Trouble in Rent. As detailed in my book Stagestruck:Theater, AIDS and the Marketing of Gay America (Duke Press) the estate and I agreed that he used my “ideas, characters, plots, settings and themes” but that none of these are copywriteable. Only words are copywriteable, and so I had no legal basis for a suit. This is not a contested opinion, all parties agree on the terms, and so it is not controversial. The issue was covered in The NY Time, New York Magazine and The Chicago Tribune, to the same conclusion. Of course, I do believe that had Jonathan Larsen been alive he would have settled with me, at minimum out of embarassment. Also, PS, while I am a professor in that I teach Creative Writing at the City University of New York, I am not really an academic, since I have no academic training. I consider myself to be a Novelist.

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