Debrief on the Democratic Debate: Minimum Wage Increase

Following the recent events of the Democratic Debate, it seems the primary focal points of the Democratic candidates are the problems of income equality, gun laws and foreign affairs, with each candidate taking rather different views on said problems. Headlines have spurred discussion over these controversial happenings, and as such, S.A.L.A.D. Newsgroup is here to give out the gist of what’s going on.

Austin: Well, from what I’ve been hearing, it sounds like Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton actually came to something of an agreement over income equality, with Bernie proposing the radical jump to $15 an hour for minimum wage and Hillary agreeing that something like that should be done.

Sarah: But what are we using to pay for nearly doubling of our minimum wage? A few financial reforms here and there are nice, but it doesn’t sound like the numbers add up, and the national debt can only take so much more.

Dani: One thing to consider is that since people will be earning more, they will be spending more. I’m not saying it is a completely perfect system, however, the benefits of a raise in minimum wage outweigh any downsides that I can foresee. Being able to actually live off minimum wage (what its original intent was, mind you) is something that hasn’t been possible for a long time.

Luke: The problem with this current rate of 9 or 10 dollars an hour is that it has not been adjusted for inflation. Minimum wage is meant to account for living expenses and the cost of food so that a person can make enough money to support themselves.

April: Exactly! With the rising price of housing and other necessary expenses, minimum wage is no longer enough and many people are forced to work 2 or 3 jobs just to stay afloat. A 15 dollar minimum wage is more conducive to today’s costs and allows working class families and individuals better economic security.

Austin: I see; that does sound like a valid solution to the rising cost of living, but I’d still like to see more from the Democratic side about a more long-term solution in the future.

As America gets closer to having its newest leader, it is important to keep track of who’s who in the world of politics. Topics such as minimum wage will have a great impact on the youth of America. It is the duty of Americans to make sure that all that can vote will vote.


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