The SAT-1 Initiative presented its work at the Sofia Crypto Meetup on February 28. The monthly event, held at Betahaus, highlights the events in the blockchain world while also serving as a platform for new ventures in the sector and discussions on various topics.

Since blockchain is one of the technologies the Initiative looks to implement in space missions, we took part in the event and presented our own concept for a dapp (distributed app) along with potential use cases of blockchain in the aerospace sector. …

In what was undoubtedly an educating and useful experience, three of our members successfully passed through the HEPTA-Sat satellite development and integration training.

Held from October 24 to 28 at the Faculty of Physics at Sofia University, the HEPTA-Sat program is devised by Nihon University’s Yamazaki & Miyazaki Lab and headed by Assistant Professor Masahiko Yamazaki. This was the first time the HEPTA-Sat training program was carried out in Bulgaria.

As its name suggests, the training consists of seven stages, or “Labs”, each of them focused on a particular satellite subsystem. The final stage, or Lab #7, is to design…

Still not high enough. (Credit: NASA)

Before shedding some detail on our current activities, we’d like to summarize what the SAT-1 Initiative is all about.

A few days ago me and one of my teammates, Lazar, were discussing the progress of space technology over a beer, and we had both reached the same conclusion. Amidst all the massive and exponential innovation that had occurred in computers, medicine, materials and the automotive industry over the past 50 years, space technology seemed to be lagging behind.

That’s right, it is lagging behind.

The Curiosity rover, the Cassini probe and the International Space Station, arguably the most magnificent recent…

SAT-1 Initiative

A space research & technology organization. We build spacecraft.

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