What we invest in, why, and what to expect

We are simple beasts with a simple investing criteria.

We back obsessed people with crazy ideas. If we don’t get excited in the first few minutes we won’t invest.

Lets break this down.

We back obsessed people.

There’s a whole post on its way on what we mean here but headline are: 
Hygiene factor is smart people we like 
Some mix of being a humble learning machine, having tenacity, hustle, and being obsessed with the problem they’re solving
A must is thinking critically and ability to execute

The next bit is…

Crazy ideas.

Visionary bets on the world viscerally excite us. We believe in black swans – ideas that look crazy but can provide outsized outcomes when they hit. Here’s some we backed.

Imagine if you could measure creativity (Picasso Labs) 
Imagine if you could teach the kids the skills of the 21st century (Technology Will Save Us) 
Imagine if you could find the right place right now in any city (Dojo)
Imagine if you could make cities Usable (Citymapper)
Imagine if every brand had its own digital identity (Evrythng)
Imagine if the entire web could live inside video (TouchCast)
Imagine if you could index the global fashion industry (Endource) 
Imagine if you could build an ecommerce brain (Ometria)

And the final bit here is:

If we don’t get excited in the first few minutes, we won’t invest.

Emotions drive decisions and investing early is about emotion over logic, it’s art over science. We’re pretty sure we’ve never invested in a company where we weren’t excited in the first few minutes.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

If we get past flirting the longer version is:

We back obsessed people with crazy ideas and if we don’t get excited in the first few minutes we won’t invest………..we invest in products that solve human needs we understand with people who share the same values.

Let’s break this down…

We invest in products that solve human needs we understand

There is an unbelievable amount of tech out there that doesn’t actually solve a problem. We likely ‘over index’ on understanding if products actually solve human needs. We have a marketers instinct and a ton of pattern recognition from spending our lives with customers.


With people who share the same values.

We invest in people who believe in doing right in the world, don’t put money and success over everything and care about customers over VC metrics. Entrepreneurs we’ve backed say:

“Above all, they act as a support team for the entrepreneurs they’ve backed. When you walk out of a meeting with them, you always feel energised and inspired. There is something very different about how they make decisions…its always based on the people.” Ivan Mazour (Ometria)
“VC generally is very numbers focused. What SAATCHiNVEST gave us from the very first meeting was that you cared about the people, user and product over numbers and spreadsheets. You guys feel it with your heart. It’s inspiring to have people on board that have confidence in you and your business. Robin Shimmin (Dojo)

Ultimately we need to buy into each other’s values. You need to like working with us and we with you.

If you think we may be right for each other hustle away at newdeals@saatchinvest.com ;-)