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Even More Laarning Norfolk

How yer diddlin’ ol’ partners? Hope that rash have stayed off.

Iss bin a funny ol’ week hare in Holt. Furst off, we gotta new dog. I called him ‘Dyson’. ‘What, arter the boxer?’ said my missus. Funny woman. ‘Noo,’ I said, ‘arter the hoover man, cuz he suck up his food without the need for a bag. The bag come later.’

Dyson after rummaging round the graveyard. ‘Put it back, Dyson!’

Of course the inventor, The Boy Dyson, he used to go to that there Gresham’s School. I used to go there every day as well. I had to, I was the postman. They were always nice to me though and never released the hounds afore I had a good head start.

Any rud up, hare’s yer latest set o’ pronunciation guides and definitions for those o’ yer who are curious minded.

‘HOLD YEW HARD’ — Multi-purpose expression covering such situations as; ‘Listen up, please pay attention to me,’ or ’Hang on a moment, am I hearing you right?’ or even ‘Whoa there, slow down boy; who do you think you are? Martin Brundle?’

‘COR BLASS ME’ — Expostulation expressing general amazement or incredulity. (For those of you in Burnham Market, the Cockney equivalent is — ‘Criminy, strike a light, guvnor. And no mistake.’)

‘THASSA RUMMEN’ — Often used as an addendum to ‘Cor Blass Me’ with the intention to mitigate or soften the preceding incredulity by means of a generalised explanation, ie. ‘Everything’s OK, the thing to which I refer is just unthreateningly peculiar’. Like premium muesli, green bin bags or Lidl’s coke.

Now, try each of those a few times, until they roll out of your mouth nice ’n’ smooth. Bootiful, you’re a natural, we’ll soon have you yarning like the happy-go-lucky straw-twirling smock-monster we all want to be. Wunnerful.

Well my beauties, it’s time to rattle off. Have a good week and hope to see you again soon for anurther Loocal Vocabulary session of Laarning Norfolk with The Boy Sadler. Chow, altergether.

Laarning Norfolk with The Boy Sadler

Twitter: @TheBoySadler

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