Mentor is a person from whom you take guidance about any matter regarding your life. It can be advice about choosing a career or how to solve a specific problem or any matter which you think is important to discuss with trustworthy person. We all need a person who encourages us to do something positive and in a better way regarding our life matters.

For me my elder brother Muhammad Jawad Sajid is my mentor. He always guides me in my life. That one story I would like to share is that when I failed to get admission in engineering university I was very much disappointed I was not thinking for changing my field but he guided me that all man in the world are not engineers or doctors so you should get up and find out something good for you. He advised me to join commerce field and he told me that I had known that you can do this. And Alhamdulillah today I am on the edge of my MBA finance and now I am going to start my career as a business professional

Humility shows that we are eager to learn and without humility I don’t think so that we can learn anything. I have a great humility and respect for him because he is the one who showed me right path in my distress time. If you want to learn from someone the first and the foremost thing that you can give return is to give them respect.

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