moldy peaches glazed by sour flies for your picture.

i think cheerleaders make the best protesters.

i think prisoners live the fullest lives.

full sized running back is perfect for running when,

the shit flies,

off the handle, bars going down big hills with scabs as red as mars.

psychologists make the best blues singers.

stuck in tar pits black as opiates,

old geezers make the most sense when they’re demented,

augmented reality has no one in it,

time diminished as if we had a limit,

vivid imagination was an insinuation for the inability of focus,

feeling as if i was still a product of discrimination,

demeaning captain save ems,

racing ravens in the sky,

it’s all black,

migration was my only safe haven,

i think lonely kids have the best imagination,

times racing,

my life’s wastin’,

withering whether weather wrinkles, wettens, or wishes,

us away,

this is the best kind of place for change.