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The indigenous population is mixed with those of European and Spanish descent giving Ecuador its unique cultural texture.

This country has it all; Andean Peaks, Amazon Rainforest, Indigenous Markets, Colonial Towns, Warm Beaches not to mention its widely known famous chain of volcanic islands full of wonderful wildlife.

Quito is the capital and the political center, while Guayaquil is the commercial center. The world famous Galapagos Islands (596 miles /960Km) are located about 600 miles to west of Guayaquil. It is home a wide range of unusual wildlife such as unique reptiles, birds and plants.

An important part of Ecuador´s cultural life is the feria or market day, which takes place weekly in many towns. The town of Otavalo, about 56km or 35mi north of Quito, is well known for its colorful Saturday fairs. The Ecuadorians themselves are kind-hearted, friendly and known for their warm and welcoming hospitality.


With a rich Pre-Columbian history, the capital of Ecuador was founded on the ruins of an Inca city. Still considered one of the best-preserved historical remains of Latino-America legacy. UNESCO has declared Quito a World Heritage Site. Quito has beautiful colonial buildings and is surrounded by impressive volcanic peaks.

Is the largest and most populated city in Ecuador. Located just a couple of degrees from the Equator the climate of Guayaquil is tropical. The picturesque neighborhood of Las Peñas, which anchors the city both geographically and historically, while the downtown area are many fun office workers, residents and shoppers into one hybrid stream.

is a small town that is located about 100km north of Quito. The Saturday morning markets are a colorful attraction to see the locals displaying the products made it by hand with skills that have been hand from one generation to the next and mixing some with their own styles of creativity.

Galapagos Islands
This isolated group of volcanic Islands is home to a vast unique wildlife and biodiversity such as reptiles, birds, and plants. You don’t have to be an evolutionary biologist or an ornithologist to appreciate one of the few places left on the planet where different and rare animals have left a big legacy.

Middle of the World Tour
In Quito you can experiencing existing in two-separate hemispheres at the same time. Since Quito it crosses the Equator Line also called “Equatorial” or “Equator” from where the name of the country was originally derived.